House Rules

  1. Be nice.

  2. No reservations.

    Unless you're Jimmy Hoffa.

  3. We seat complete parties only.

  4. No parties of more than 7 on days that end with 'y.'

    We're a small place, and when we get busy, big groups are tough for us to accommodate.

  5. No table hibernation.

    (Others gotta eat too.)

  6. Wait times are estimates, not prophecies.

  7. The wait drink is $4 - ask your bartender!

  8. While you are free to move around the cabin, do not block the aisles & exits.

  9. We do not provide individual checks.

    However, we will allow as many forms of payment on one check as you wish.

  10. Stay in contact with your host - to get the help you require.


    We do not accept to-go orders between the hours of 6:30 and 8:30 PM. Come on in and have a drink.

    We do not deliver nor can we accept payment for orders over the telephone. Please plan to pick-up your food live and in person at the host stand and pay by any reasonable method when you arrive (credit card / cash).

    The best time to have a sip at the bar (scientific fact) is when waiting for a 'to-go' order, but since this is neither New Orleans nor Las Vegas, you’ll have to finish your drink in the restaurant. No alcohol or happy hour food items are available to-go.


    To-Go orders for more than 8 people are best called in 24 hours in advance.